LED Glow Furniture Rental - Gold Package

Our Gold package is perfect for large events, weddings and parties where you are looking for a full scale lounge effect that includes lounge seating, cruiser tables, pop up bar, and LED Decor. This bundle is priced at $1750 and provides total savings of over $650 than when ordering items separately.

The Gold Package includes the following pieces as well as Delivery/Pickup all over the GTA included.

  • 8x LED Straight or Curved Benches. 
  • 2x Vino LED Lounge Table
  • 6x 16" LED Cubes
  • 6x Hourglass LED Cruiser Tables
  • 10x 12" LED Spheres
  • 8ft Monaco LED Bar
  • 1x Cubiq Ice Chest
  • 3x Cubiq Ice Bucket
  • 2x 3 Tier LED Display
  • 2x LED Serving Trays
  • 1x Alpine Ice Bucket

NB. Dancefloor not included.

Whatever your theme or color scheme, our glow furniture will be a perfect match. Choose from 16 colors, have everything fade or flash, or play around and have fun by mix n matching each item in different colors. The possibilities are endless. 

Our furniture is cordless, comes cleaned and pre charged, will provide illumination up to 12 hours and is perfect for both indoor and outdoor parties.  

Be the envy of your friends and add some GLOW to your event/party this summer!

Call us today on 647 678 0849 to confirm availability and provide details of your event.