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"Dew" by Smart & Green - 12" inch Table Lamp/Mood Light

The LED Dew Mood Light/Table lamp by Smart & Green has a unique shape that resembles a water droplet. It can be used just about anywhere. Use it as a mood light to illuminate your garden, patio or deck. How about as a table lamp in a restaurant, bar or nightclub or even as part of a centerpiece at an event or wedding?

The LED Dew mood light/table lamp is controlled by buttons on the base of the unit which allows you to cycle through multiple LED colors and effects such as Rainbow Color Fade and Candle Flicker in blue and yellow colors. You can even adjust the brightness to create any kind of ambiance or mood you desire. A remote control which allows you to control up to 50 Smart & Green lights is an optional extra.

It is made from a tough weatherproof PE Plastic material and is IP68 waterproof rated. The built in rechargeable lithium battery will glow brightly for up to 20 hours off a single 6 hour charge.

Measurement: 12" x 12" x 12"

The DEW features the 'Bulb System':
- 8 to 10 hours per charge
- White light in 3 brigthness levels
- Candle effect (flickering yellow)
- Dynamic mode with unlimited colors
- Charging station
- Pebble or Kameleon compatible
- Waterproof - IP68, 6ft
- Lifetime - 50,000 hours
- Floating
- Shock resistant

Download Detailed Product Sheet – Dew

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