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May 15, 2017

Essential Rentals for Epic Glow Parties!

Looking to host the ultimate glow party? We have compiled a list of essential rental items and tips for you to throw the most epic glow party ever.

1) Blacklights / UV Lights

Glow Party UV light blacklight black light uv light party

A Blacklight / UV Light should be the first item on your list. No glow party is the same without one. A Blacklight turns your event space into a neon canvas and will give you that authentic feel by accentuating any color in the room. 

2) Glow Sticks, LED Baloons and Glowing Fashion Accessories

glow sticks led baloons glowing fashion accessories

These inexpensive items will elevate your party and add huge appeal. There are a ton of accessories out there such as LED Balloons, sunglasses, bracelets, necklaces and glow sticks which will make your guests really get into the theme and enjoy the party into the early hours!

3) Glow Apparel & Fashion

Glow Apparel LED Shoes

Have your guests stand out and glow with these cool led shoes and glow in the dark apparel. Most party stores will have a large selection of glow in the dark hats, jackets, ties and even wigs. Seeing a sea of people glowing brightly and dancing will give your glow party a real edge!

4) Glow in the dark Face Paint and Nail Polish

glow in dark face paint glow in dark nail polish

Another way to really make your event/party an immersive experience is to have glow in the dark face paint and nail polish. You could even have someone to apply the make up at your party. Whether it is for children or adults, this is a cool way to make your party interactive and have unique designs for everyone attending. 

5) Glow in the dark Cups, Plates and Straws

glow in the dark plates, cups and straws

Again, available at party stores and online specialty stores, these glow in the dark accessories will add fun and color to your party. From cups and glasses to plates, straws and glowing cutlery, there are many options available out there which will really stand out in UV light. 

6) LED Performers

LED Hula Dancer robotron

These performers will interact with all your guests and liven up any party with their unique services. Glowmi has partnered up with many local performers in the Toronto area and we can provide you with LED Hula Dancers and a giant 10ft LED Dancing Robot called Robotron, complete with smoke guns and lasers!

7) Glow Furniture & Decor

Glow Furniture & Decor

This is where we come in! Glowmi has been lighting up the Toronto Party scene for over a year now and our cordless glow furniture and decor is a huge hit! With multiple color options and special effects such as flash and fade, our party rentals will make your event one to remember!

Our large inventory of over 300 pieces includes lounge seating, tables, modular bars, led cubes and balls, ice buckets, serving trays and much more. We have packages starting from $500 including delivery and pickup and can customize any kind of arrangement for you. Check us out at or call +1 647 678 0849 for more information.