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November 20, 2017

Event Design Ideas

Glowmi has been lighting up the Toronto and Ontario event scene for around 2 years now and in that time we have been fortunate enough to work on some huge events with some fantastic companies and people.

Each event is different and each client’s vision is unique. We have provided design consultations on so many events, helped to curate multiple setups and bring ideas to life.

We often get asked how best to incorporate various glow pieces from our inventory into events, so we decided to create this short blog to showcase some ideas that can inspire you when you are creating your event/party concepts. Whether you are looking to use all out glow or just add accent lighting and a few flashes of color to the room, we have you covered!

So take a look below and see all creative ways as to how you can use our LED Glow Furniture and Decor to create event magic!

  1. LED Lounge Furniture

    Most large corporate and social events that we have worked on include some kind of Lounge seating area. Whether it is to create an upscale and inviting seated area for a cocktail reception, or to create a VIP area that really stands out, our LED Benches, Cubes, Lounge Tables and upcoming LED Modular Sofa’s will work a treat.

    LED Glow Lounge Benches Cubes LED Glow Lounge Accent Furniture LED Cubes White Leather lounge furniture LED Modular Diamante Sofa LED Accent Furniture VIP Lounge
    You can use the furniture to create a 100% glowing lounge, or use a few pieces to provide accent lighting and combine with more traditional white leather lounge furniture. Either way, the result is a stunning, upscale and modern feeling lounge.

  2. LED Dining Tables
    You will have seen standard Circular or Square Banquet dining tables which seat 8-10 people. 99% of these setups have various coloured linens with accent charger plates and accent centerpiece. Wouldn’t it be great to have something different? We are bringing a brand new 8 seater LED Dining Table made from a Jumbo Cube with a tempered glass top. Simple yet elegant, and a great way to lift up the whole room.

    LED Cube 8 seater Dining Banquet Table LED Cube 8 seater Dining Banquet Table LED Cube 8 seater Dining Banquet Table LED Cube 8 seater Dining Banquet Table 

  3. LED Bar
    At any Corporate Event, Gala or Wedding, the bar is always a high traffic area!  Some venues and event spaces are not properly equipped to have a full service bar area, especially if the event is outdoors or in a ballroom. So what to do if this is an issue? Our modular, cordless and portable LED bars can be setup anywhere quickly and efficiently.

    LED Glow Bar Small White Jumbo Portable LED Cordless Glow Bar pop up events
    Whatever size you want, we can make it happen, be it a small bar with a single bartender, or a massive 4 sided enclosed bar capable of accommodating 8-10 bartenders and serving thousands of guests.

  4. LED Centerpieces
    Lighting at any event is a crucial element. DJ Booths and uplights around the perimeter of the room are common sources of ambient lighting, but sometimes the main body and guts of the room can look bare. Banquet/Dining tables can take up over 75% of the room and centerpieces can be very elaborate and expensive, especially if using fresh flowers. Our LED Spheres/Orbs are an inexpensive alternative to other costly centerpieces which make a bold statement, and really add depth to the whole room. If class and elegance on a budget is what you are going for, then these could be a great option.

    LED Sphere Ball Orb Centerpieces LED Sphere Centerpiece LED Sphere Orb Centerpiece Gala Corporate Event
  5. LED Columns, Pillars and Planters
    These items can be used in many ways, but the most popular use seems to be when a client wants to create clear separation and define a particular area. Isles and Walkways are a very popular use for these, as well as using them to create brightly lit ambient entrances. First impressions count, so imagine seeing these along a red carpet or at a grand entrance. They would add to the welcoming feel and help guide guests to where you want them to go. They can also be used as a backdrop to an area you want to bring extra attention to such as a head table.

    LED Decorative Column Pillar for Isle Walkway LED Planters Flower Pot entrance light up LED Pillar Column Backdrop Head Table

  6. LED Dance Floor
    Who doesn’t like a good dance! When the music gets pumping and the urge to shake your booty takes over, most of us will head to the dance floor. Our soon to be arriving LED Dance Floor will be the talk of any party and serve as a focal point for your event. With hundreds of effects, patterns and animations available, and customizable text scrolling we will have your party jumping like never before!!!

    LED Dance Floor Rental Toronto  LED Dancefloor Rental Toronto LED Dancefloor Rental Toronto

  7. LED Dessert Table/Candy Station
    More and more events these days are having dedicated dessert and candy stations, especially weddings, children’s parties and Bar/Bat Mitzvahs. Our Glowing LED Tables, Cubes, Display Stands and Serving Trays can really help bring a Desert/Candy Station to life. You can even have your event service staff use the LED Serving Trays to hand out things like Hors D’oeurves and Champagne to your guests. We have many pieces in stock that will enhance and highlight the presentation of your food and beverage.

    LED Glowing Dessert Table Candy Station LED Glowing Buffet Table Display LED Serving Tray Display

  8. LED Marquee Letters
    Personalization at events is huge. You want people to remember your event long after it ends and whether it is your brand or your name you want highlighted, Marquee letters are a surefire way to get the message across while also filling out the room. When you strategically position them, they can have a huge impact.

    LED Marquee Letters Wedding LED Marquee Number for Birthday Party LED Personalized Marquee Letters for wedding

    So these are just a few ways in which Glow Furniture and Decor can be incorporated into any large corporate event, gala, wedding or other social celebration. Rest assured, we will work with you closely to create, design and execute your event concept and continue to source the latest and greatest LED Products in the industry.

    Keep it lit Toronto!