Winter is over and Patio season is almost here! Cool Tips to take your Patio from good to great in 2017! - Glowmi LED Furniture & Decor
August 19, 2015

Winter is over and Patio season is almost here! Cool Tips to take your Patio from good to great in 2017!

Top Tips on how to Improve Lighting for your Patio this season.

Cordless LED Glow Patio Furniture for Bar Restaurant ambient lighting

The winter is finally over and as we head into spring many of you will be looking forward to patio season and spending time outdoors as the cold grip gives way to warmer temperatures. Those of you with Patios in your Restaurants and Bars will be looking to get an edge over your competition and find creative new ways of drawing in patrons.

With that in mind, we have some tips and tricks which will take your patio from good to great this season with the use of creative lighting. Your Patio will not only look amazing, but also drive traffic from all corners with its eye catching design.   

1) Create a Feature Wall with LED Uplights.

You can create an inexpensive short height feature wall on one side using potted plants, foliage or stained wooden planks, or even dress up existing brickwork with plants/vines etc. This keeps a degree of separation from the inside and provides a warm natural ambiance. Browns and greens really go well together and give your guests that outdoors feeling. Use LED Uplights or LED Wall Washers to highlight the color and provide a contrast to the eye. If you have a tree as part of you patio, use an uplight to highlight it and change colors as the night goes on. 

This is a great way to make your outdoor space feel warm and inviting, and look appealing to passers by.

 Restaurant Bar Patio Deck Terrace ambient uplighting

2) Add LED Strip Lighting to the bottom of your outdoor furniture and Bar

This is an easy way of introducing ambient lighting and helping to create an atmosphere whilst using your existing fixtures and furnishings. Find LED Strip lighting from any local hardware store and attach it to the bottom of furniture pieces and your bar. This effect really adds class and a modern touch and with color controls, you can change colors according to the clientele and energy out on the patio. The only thing with this is that you will need a good electrical guy to hide the wiring and route it back to one controller. The wires/extensions will need to be hidden well and for this it is best to pay for a professional. 

Sofa undermounted LED Strip Lighting glow in the dark

Restaurant Bar Patio Deck Terrace Under Counter LED Strip Light ambient effect

3) Add a modern feel with Cordless LED Furniture & Decor Accents

A great and easy way to add life to your patio. LED Glow Furniture is a relatively new trend and what makes it so great is its versatility. Use it indoors or outdoor/s, for pop up events, light up in different colors. You don't need to worry about expensive wiring/cabling. The rechargeable LED Modules will provide up to 12 hours of illumination. Just pick up the lightweight pieces and move into position. Colors such as White and Yellow will give a soft classy and upscale feel, whilst a mix of colors such as red, green, blue and pinks etc will provide a more high energy vibrant feel.

You can even set them to flash and/or fade in different colors which creates a light show and will be sure to attract interest and attention and drive traffic to your space. Whatever, you feel like doing that day you can do. Such versatility is paramount to your success and keeping patrons interested and engaged. You can use many pieces for a eye catching and striking look, or just opt for a few accent pieces interspersed with your other existing furniture just to add a pop of color. To shop for a wide selection of LED Furniture visit our shop/page at:

Glow Furniture not only looks amazing but also helps to draw attention to certain elements in your operation. Some of our customers love to have a popup outdoor Bar in the Summers and our Glowing Modular Bar counters provide not just a portable solution to this, but also act as a focal point when illuminated. When strategically located, it helps to train all eyes on the bar from all corners of the patio and acts like a beacon and magnet drawing in customers to the bar where they spend money. When something looks appealing, patrons are more likely to spend their money. Many of our customers say that having an outdoor popup bar is a great revenue source and that our LED Bars were a fantastic investment for them which paid for itself in no time at all. 

Bar Restaurant LED Glow illuminated furniture for patio deck and terrace

Bar Restaurant LED Glow Illuminated furniture and decor for terrace, patio and deck

LED Accent Cubes for ambient lighting effect in restaurant bar patios decks and terraces

Cordless Popup LED Modular Glowing Bar for restaurant bar patio decks and terrace

4) Add Table Lighting for an understated and cost effective way to lift up the look and feel of your Patio, Deck or Terrace. 

If your budget is tight and you can't afford to invest thousands into new decor, furnishings or fixtures then the easiest way to add life to your outdoor space is to use small LED table mood lamps and LED Candles. These are inexpensive and much like the LED Furniture we offer, can be set to a multitude of colors and effects such as fade and flash. These are a great way to build ambiance and atmosphere. Whether you are going for a romantic feel, modern upscale, party feel or are looking to customize your lighting according to a special theme (think St Patrick's Day or Canada Day etc), these small mood lamps can really set the tone without being too bold. 

They are cordless, illuminate for up to 12 hours. Have 16 color options and are waterproof meaning that you don't need to worry about leaving them out in the rain etc. Dollar for dollar, these Mood Lamps provide great value for money. 

We carry many options available for the Mood Lamps in all types of shapes and sizes. View the available options by clicking here. Available for purchase across Canada and the USA.

Restaurant Bar Patio Deck Terrace Ambient LED Mood Table Lamps Candles

We hope you find these tips useful and wish you all a successful Summer and Patio season.

If you would like to talk to us about how we might be able to help elevate your patio this summer, please feel free to reach out. You can call us on +1 647 678 0849 or email us at